This operation is the first large-scale response to the development of renewable energies as part of the energy mix, so far hampered by the storing and restoring impracticalities of green energies, which are until today, intermittently produced. INFRAGREEN IV’s participation to NW Joules’ capital will give a considerable boost to the deployment of its solution. The company targets to install 250 JBox (cumulating 310 MW) by 2022 in France, while launching, in parallel, a fast-track development of its multi-service energy storage solution across Europe.

Multiple media have taken an interest in the announcement including CF News, GreenUnivers, Le Monde du Droit, Juristes & Associés,, and RSE Data News.

The “JBox system’ consists in a fully integrated prefabricated energy storage unit, including a dedicated lithium-ion batteries compartment, which is directly connected to the public electricity distribution network. This modular solution allows to address the increasing energy challenges raised by the development of renewable energies which generation capacity is highly variable depending on technologies and territories. The JBox, via smart algorithms and remote management systems, can reliably withdraw and inject electricity from/ into the grid, responding in a fraction of a second to the needs of the grid operator and distributor.