This election reminds RGREEN INVEST’s commitment to develop and defend the interests of the French solar industry while demonstrating its determination to rapidly develop the sector, that is not only competitive but also a value-creator for our territories.

On November 17, ENERPLAN, the trade union of solar energy professionals, held its Annual General Meeting, which allowed its members to exchange about the challenges faced in 2020 while validating its financial and activities report. The meeting was the perfect occasion to bring to the forefront the union’s determination to defend and promote solar solutions across the national territory. The meeting was also an opportunity to renew its Board of Directors, and it is with great pleasure and honor that Nicolas Rochon was re-elected and reappointed to his position amongst the Board.

Created in 1983, ENERPLAN gathers the French major solar energy professionals to work for the progress and the development of the sector. Its members are involved in numerous missions and aims at not only meet the French energy needs of photovoltaic solutions in the national energy-mix, but also supply both national and local networks.

The union’s strength, in which RGREEN INVEST is fully committed, lies in its expertise, visibility, and representativeness. It is a strong ecosystem dedicated to formulating credible proposals and acting to amplify the dynamics of solar energy across France!