By bringing together different perspectives on renewable energies, this feature published online by L’Express raises awareness on the transversal dimension of this subject. You will find, among other, contrarian points of view on wind energy through a review of Pierre Dumont and Denis Kergolay’s book : Eoliennes: chronique d’un naufrage annoncé (François Bourin edition). And also the presentation of contested wind energy projects, such as those recently allowed by the French government in Vendée and Seine-Maritime.

Nevertheless, this feature also includes initiatives taken by state and non-state actors for a greater transparency in the renewable energy sector. The feature refers to Greenpeace’s report on green energy producers and the implementation by Ademe (L’Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie – the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) of a charter of best practices with consumer credit organizations to avoid scams when installing solar panels in private homes.

The political and economic dimensions are not to be outdone, with an interview of the economist Philippe Chalmin discussing the decisions taken by President Emmanuel Macron concerning nuclear energy and the place of this energy source in the French energy mix.

By addressing intergenerational tensions around climate issues and the current state of renewable energy projects, as well as political, economic and critical perspectives, this feature published by L’Express seems to offer an interesting overview of the challenges recently raised by the energy shift.

We strongly recommend this feature; do not hesitate to read it on L’